PROUD and PRAVDA funded!

We are tremendously excited to announce that the Institute for Museum and Library Services has awarded RADD a Sparks! Ignition grant to build and document two kits, one for audiovisual digitization (“PRAVDA,” for “Portably Reformat A/V to Digital from Analog”), one for digital-data rescue (“PROUD,” for “Portable Recovery of Unique Data”).

Our hope is that proving the feasibility of constructing such kits will spark kit construction at centers of cultural heritage such as state libraries and archives, DPLA Service Hubs, library consortia, and LIS schools. In turn, the kits will enable small cultural-heritage institutions to rescue and share at least some of their most at-risk collections, and to help patrons rescue their own personal and family history.

We are glad to share with the community the abstract and (slightly redacted) narrative from our grant application. We make no pretense of perfection—indeed, if we were to write this grant today we would change a few things!—but we hope sharing these helps others write successful applications.

RADD nominated for Digital Library Federation Community/Capacity Award

RADD coordinator Dorothea Salo has been nominated for a 2016 Community/Capacity Award from the Digital Library Federation for her work with RADD.

This is a tremendous honor, and Dorothea and RADD are in phenomenal company! Many thanks to the anonymous nominator(s), and congratulations to fellow nominees.

RADD has been a community effort from its beginnings. This and other honors rightly belong to all RADD’s planners, donors, builders, and supporters. Our thanks to everyone who has supported RADD!

RADD at Madison Mini Maker Faire

Mini Maker Faire logo RADD will be in the mix at the inaugural Madison Mini Maker Faire, on Saturday May 14th from 10am to 5pm at the Monona Terrace Convention Center.

We currently (subject to change!) plan to be able to handle onsite:

  • 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppy disks
  • Iomega Zip disks
  • VHS and mini-DV videotapes
  • Standard audiocassette and microcassette tapes

(We can’t bring all of RADD; it wouldn’t fit on the table!)

You are welcome to bring your own materials to test RADD on (no charge). We will also have materials available to demonstrate with. Hope to see you there!

RADD featured in Madison Magazine

RADD made 2015’s Madison Magazine “M-List”, which this year focuses on social innovation. We’re tremendously honored and excited!

(One tiny correction: RADD hasn’t been around “for years,” though we certainly hope it will be. We’ve been around for six or eight months. The mission to share and preserve cultural information—that has certainly been around for years!)

As always, huge thanks to all of RADD’s donors, supporters, and users. RADD wouldn’t be nearly so rad without you.

“The work that 21st-century librarians do”

We were thrilled to have RADD chronicled as part of Isthmus‘s “Garbage Issue.” A lot of RADD’s parts and pieces are indeed donations or reclamations of equipment that would otherwise have ended up in a dumpster, or worse, as toxic waste shipped overseas.

Isthmus reporter Allison Geyer did a lovely job with the story, which appeared in the April 17 issue.