RADD nominated for Digital Library Federation Community/Capacity Award

RADD coordinator Dorothea Salo has been nominated for a 2016 Community/Capacity Award from the Digital Library Federation for her work with RADD.

This is a tremendous honor, and Dorothea and RADD are in phenomenal company! Many thanks to the anonymous nominator(s), and congratulations to fellow nominees.

RADD has been a community effort from its beginnings. This and other honors rightly belong to all RADD’s planners, donors, builders, and supporters. Our thanks to everyone who has supported RADD!

Summer 2016: Baldwin grant to digitize A/V

We are pleased and proud to announce that the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment has chosen to fund RADD to do proof-of-concept audiovisual digitization work this summer.

RADD will digitize unique audiovisual materials on a variety of physical carriers from:

  • the Cedarburg Public Library, Cedarburg WI
  • the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Delavan WI
  • Mineral Point Library and Archives, Mineral Point WI
  • WYOU community television station, Madison WI

The Baldwin Endowment mini-grant will also fund repair of some of RADD’s equipment.

SLIS students Courtney Becks and Logan Rains have been hired to work on this project alongside RADD builder Dorothea Salo.

RADD price list

Interested in contracting with RADD to do some digitization or digital-rescue work for you? Starting this summer, that’s a possibility!

You can download RADD’s current price list for perusal. Because of university rules, RADD offers two prices: one for university or state business, and one for everyone else.

Contact Dorothea Salo (salo at wisc.edu) with potential projects. RADD cannot accept every project—our capacity is limited, and some of it is spoken for—but we are happy to help when we can!

Thank you for making ‘Save our Stuff’ a success!

Last Wednesday, RADD helped several Madison community members digitize and recover content from audio cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and floppy disks, to name a few. Home movies, journal articles, and datasets were recovered and migrated to more accessible digital formats. Dorothea Salo and SLIS Laboratory Library staff were available to assist in the process and answer questions about long-term storage solutions.

IMG_1659IMG_1658We got some great ideas for how to increase RADD’s capabilities during the event, and hope that we can continue to serve the Madison community¬†with their long-term preservation goals.


Thank you to all who attended and participated! Hope to see you again soon at RADD!

RADD is free and available to use anytime that the SLIS Laboratory Library is open. All SLIS Library staff have been trained to use RADD, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with your project!