Building RADD

Finding equipment

RADD’s first pieces of equipment were two Iomega Zip drives that were in a pile in the hall waiting for the trash collectors to arrive. At the time, I wasn’t even planning to build RADD; I just knew that plenty of people still had Zip disks, and I didn’t want Read more…

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About RADD

Posters for RADD, PROUD, and PRAVDA

At the request of an interested librarian, we are posting electronic copies of the conference posters we are currently using to introduce RADD, PROUD, and PRAVDA: RADD poster (note: equipment list somewhat outdated) PROUD and PRAVDA poster

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PROUD: Equipment and software roster

Equipment included in the PROUD digital-data rescue kit: HP EliteBook 8460p laptop computer with power cable, running Windows 7 Professional Forensic ComboDock with all associated cables 3.5″ USB floppy drive 5.25″ floppy drive (TEAC FD55-GFR) in an enclosure, powered by this cable FC5025 USB floppy controller card, attached to 5.25″ Read more…

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